The new Bing waitlist is up, available “in limited preview” today

Kip Kniskern

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Microsoft has just dropped quite the bombshell of a set of announcements around “the new Bing,” an “AI-powered copilot for the web.” As the news has been coming in hot and heavy, we’ll be catching up soon on all the intricacies of the announcements (hint check out our Twitter feed and the hashtag #BingChatGPT for some early news), but Microsoft has announced that the new experience is available today in “limited preview.” There’s a signup for a waitlist at The New Bing – Learn More, where you can (hopefully) get on the list to try out this seemingly groundbreaking new direction for Bing.

I have tried both logged in to Edge with my Microsoft Account, but also not logged in at all in Chrome and am able to access the waitlist, and successfully (I hope) sign up. However colleague Kareem Anderson just gets bounced to the regular old Bing page (he’s in Florida), and David Allen (in North Carolina) can’t even get to Bing, it 404s.

So no guarantees, but if you’re interested in trying out the new Bing, here’s the url to get signed up: The New Bing – Learn More.

Interestingly, there’s quite a bit of information on the page, including a FAQ, and a way to “access the new Bing even faster,” which requires setting your defaults on your PC to Microsoft, and then scanning in a QR code.

Anyway, we’ll have lots more on the new Bing soon, but for now good luck!

Image credit Windows Central via Zac Bowden