The new Bing gets major updates and enhancements to improve usability

Kevin Okemwa

The new Bing

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Last month, Microsoft launched the new Bing which it refers to as “the AI-powered copilot for the web”. The entry has been received with mixed feelings, with some deeming it useful while others have their reservations.

Now, more people are now getting off the waitlist and now have access to the tool and all of its offerings in preview. Microsoft has been making significant strides on this front. We’ve even seen the company roll out the new AI-powered Bing Chat and Search preview in the search box on the taskbar as part of its latest Windows 11’s Moments update.

Microsoft continues to enhance the entry and ensure that users make the most out of it. Here are some of the recent changes that have been made to the new Bing:

First up, is the availability of two new assorted chat settings that unpack different tones when interacting with the tool. This new addition allows you to transition from a “Precise” tone which mainly provides you with short and focused responses to a “Creative” tone which provides length and descriptive answers to queries. This is in addition to a “Balanced” tone, the default for Bing Chat.

Additionally, you might have already established that it is difficult to keep track of chat turns especially after Microsoft set a caveat to the tool which limits users to 6 chat turns in a single conversation, though a workaround for this caveat has already been found.

Though the company’s plan is to extend these limits in the future, it is now introducing Turn Counters that will help you keep track of your conversation and reset to a new topic once the 6 chat turns are up.  Stoplights will now appear at the bottom of each Bing response to help you remain alert.

Next up, Microsoft has also fixed the issue experienced by users on the Edge Dev channel for Windows, where Bing wasn’t able to pick up the context of the page they were browsing.

And finally, the chat behavior has also received significant enhancements. “We’ve improved some chat behaviors that previously would have unnecessarily constrained responses or made them appear defensive or adversarial. Bing responses should be more engaging and provide more elaborate observations,” states Microsoft.

Microsoft has further indicated that it intends to continue making significant improvements to the new Bing preview, and a huge chunk of these changes will emanate from the feedback it gets from users. That being said, you can continue using Bing Chat across Edge mobile apps, Skype, and Bing.