The March 2022 Windows 11 Bug Bash is underway!

Arif Bacchus

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If you’re a Windows Insider, it’s time to participate in the latest Bug Bash event. Indeed, Microsoft has announced that it’s looking for your help in squashing and finding Windows 11 bugs, specifically during the March 16 to March 22 time period.

As always you can get started with this latest Bug Bash by heading to the Quests section in the Feedback Hub, and by making sure you’re up to date with the latest Windows Insider Dev Channel build. Once things check out, Microsoft says it will be posting various features for you to try out there.

Currently, there are a bunch of notable quests, around 53 total on our end (with some of ours possibly leftover from before.) The quests cover creating partitions on USB devices, trying out the pen menu, dynamic refresh rate, new emoji, touch gestures, drag and drop on the taskbar, and so much more. We can’t possibly list them all in his one post, but a lot of the quests do cover some of the new and notable features from previous Windows Insider builds like the new Snap Layouts interface or the updated Bluetooth flyout.

If you end up participating, you’ll be able to add a special achievement badge to your collection in the Feedback Hub. This badge looks to be themed towards Spring, as it has a purple background and a green bug. Happy bug squashing, Windows Insiders, and remember, your feedback helps make Windows 11 great for everyone.