The Hyperkin Xbox One X skin is back in stock in time for Christmas

Brad Stephenson

Hyperkin Xbox One X skin

After launching earlier this month, the Hyperkin Xbox Classic Pack for Xbox One X sold out in several online and offline retailers. Just in time for the holiday season, it’s now back in stock in most locations and can be purchased from both Amazon and the Microsoft Store.

The Hyperkin Xbox Classic Pack for Xbox One X (see above image) comes with the Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller, a modern remake of the original Xbox’s controller, and a special skin for Xbox One X consoles that matches the controller’s color scheme and makes the current gen consoles (kind of) look like the classic one. Buyers will also receive a one-month free trial of Xbox Game Pass.

Here’s an official look at the black version of the controller:

There’s been a bit of a renewed focus on the classic Xbox console and its games in the past year or so with backwards compatibility support for OG Xbox games coming to the Xbox One. One of these classic titles is even being given away this month as part of December’s Games With Gold campaign.

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