The elusive WhartonBrooks Windows 10 Mobile device hits further delays

Arif Bacchus

As you may know, WhartonBrooks recently promised to create smartphones that will “radically change the mobile computing industry” and “bring forth the loyalty and excitement that has been historically a description of the Windows Phone fan base” Unfortunately, as Windows Central reports, the company has hit a roadblock in their goal, and their Windows 10 Mobile device is now seeing further delays.

Seen above, word on the delay was initially spread on the company’s Twitter account after they responded to a fan who asked if they have misled Windows Phone fans. The delay, apparently, is occurring in the factory due to regulatory handles, and the company is working through them.

WhartonBrooks, nonetheless, has promised in the past that their prospective Windows Phone device would be released in the Fall of 2016, but it is looking like this is not going to happen. Until then, be sure to stay tuned to WinBeta as we will be here to bring you more information in regards to the WhartonBrooks saga as it emerges.