[Update, it’s back!] The daily quests have disappeared! What is going on with Microsoft Rewards?

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Rewards is a great way to leverage Bing to earn points that can be redeemed for Microsoft gift cards and other cool items. We’re a big fan of the program and have previously explained how you could score the most points. However, as of Monday, July 15, ourselves, and several other users have noticed a change — missing daily quests and streaks on the Rewards Dashboard. So, we’re now wondering, what’s going on?

Update: 10:39 AM PT: It looks as though this was just a glitch in Microsoft’s system. All Microsoft Rewards quests are back on our end, and our Rewards streak has also been preserved. Reports from other users on Reddit also confirm this. Our original article is still below.

We’ve emailed Microsoft for more information about the missing quests on Microsoft Rewards dashboards, but at time of publication, we have yet to receive a response. It also should be noted that our writer in France is still seeing the quests on his end of Microsoft Rewards. We also still received the weekly Microsoft Rewards email, with 50 bonus points quests. With that in mind, there still remains the possibility that this issue could simply be a bug or temporary problem with the Microsoft Rewards servers.

Regardless, seeing as though several Microsoft services have been discontinued in the past (Groove Music, the Books category, or Microsoft Health) there is some legitimate reason why some Microsoft Rewards fans are worried. Could quests in Microsoft Rewards be next on the chopping block at Redmond? If it is, we think it would make the program less rewarding and fun.

The reason why? Ever since the switch from Bing Rewards to Microsoft Rewards, quests have been a quick, easy, and fun way to score bonus points quickly. Simply fulfill the three daily quests, and earn points and a daily streak. Then, get a long enough streak and to earn even more bonus points. Without these quests and streak, there’s less of a reason to keep using Microsoft Rewards and Bing on a daily basis.

To be fair, Microsoft could have reasons for cutting out the quests in Microsoft Rewards. It could be to devalue or throttle points and making gift cards harder to redeem, or it could be that Microsoft is simply planning a new way to improve the program. We have yet to hear back from Microsoft in regards to this issue, but when we do we will update this article. Until then, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.