Telegram updates on Windows 10 with new anonymous polls feature

Brad Stephenson

Telegram Windows 10 Desktop App

The Windows Telegram app updated this past week with a new polls feature. After the update is installed, anyone can create a poll via the channel menu in the top-right corner of the app.

All polls on Telegram are completely anonymous, which is very much in line with Telegram’s focus on privacy and security, but the official release blog post does suggest that non-anonymous polls could be coming in the future.

“At the moment, polls are anonymous, meaning that no one can see who voted for what. Going forward, we may introduce non-anonymous polls where the voters lists will be public, but such polls will be explicitly marked as non-anonymous,” the official blog post reads. “Telegram has your back when it comes to privacy: we never disclose the private data you entrusted us with to third parties and never monetize it.”

Polls can also be pinned or shared to other groups on Telegram to help increase their engagement.

Telegram is a popular messaging service that prides itself on being private and untouched by government intervention.

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