Windows Telegram app removes livestream viewer limits with Version 8.0 app update

Brad Stephenson

Windows 10 Telegram app

The popular Telegram messaging app updated to Version 8.0 on all platforms including Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices.

This latest update is rather significant as it completely removes the limit for the number of viewers that can watch a channel or group livestream. This means that admins of either can now broadcast without having to worry about a capped audience.

Other changes with this update include extra options for message forwarding and a new status for unread messages in channels.

Here’s the full release notes for the Telegram Windows app update:



  • Broadcast video and share your screen to an unlimited number of viewers.
  • To begin, click on the Live Stream button in the title bar of a community where you are an admin.


  • Click on the ‘Forward Message’ label above the input field to change how messages will be sent.
  • Hide or show the original sender’s name.
  • Remove or keep captions from media messages.


  • See how many unread comments there are when opening a channel’s comments.

Telegram has received quite a lot of updates recently with at least one notable update per month adding new features and functionality. Last month saw two updates roll out to the Windows Telegram app that improved video calls and added extra security options and GIF features.

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