Telegram app picks up new Passport feature and better security on Windows Phone

Brad Stephenson

Businessman Holding A Windows Phone

The official Telegram Messenger app has update to Version 3.3 on Windows Phone today, adding many of the changes given to the Desktop version in its update last month.

Among the changes made to the app are support for translated documents in the new Telegram Passport feature and better security for Telegram Passport. The official release notes also mention that users can now export their chats but this appears to be an error as it mentions the Telegram Desktop app.

  • Telegram Passport now supports more types of data including translated versions of documents.
  • Improved password hashing algorithm to better protect Telegram Passport data.

Telegram Messenger is a secure messaging service that has apps on almost every device on the market. It’s fairly popular in tech circles due to its encrypted communications and reached over 200 million users back in March.

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Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger