Telegram adds support for streaming via OBS Studio and XSplit

Brad Stephenson

Telegram app on iPhone

The popular Telegram messaging apps updated on Windows PC and all other supported platforms this week with a rather big update that added support for external streaming software such as OBS Studio and Xsplit, new short links for sharing a profile with others, and a new download manager.

Telegram is already famous for supporting an unlimited number of viewers in its livestreams and now with the ability to export streams to other platforms via OBS Studio and Xsplit, users have the ability to reach even more users with a more professional presentation and with more features.

Here’s the release notes for the Telegram Desktop app for Windows devices:


  • Active and recently finished downloads pop up in the bar in the bottom left corner, like they do in browsers.
  • View recently downloaded files in Settings > Advanced > Downloads.
  • Get an alert before closing the app if you have unfinished downloads.


  • Share a direct link to your phone number that instantly opens a chat with you.
  • Use the full number in international format, like


  • Manage Live Streams in your channels using external software like OBS Studio or XSplit Broadcaster.
  • Choose “Stream With…” when starting a video chat or live stream – then copy your Stream Key and paste it into your streaming software

Telegram has been increasing in popularity for a while now but it’s recently garnered a lot more attention due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which has funnelled people in both countries onto the platform in search of the latest news from those on the ground in the middle of the conflict.

Numerous journalists have been updating the public via their Telegram feeds and the Ukrainian President himself, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has also started broadcasting on the platform. Telegram has also become an important source of international news for Russians after the Russian government recently began cracking down even more on news sites and social media platforms.

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