Authorities nab suspected individuals linked to the recent Lapsus$ attacks

Kevin Okemwa

Linkedin Hack 2021

Lapsus$ is an organized group of hackers that specializes in cybersecurity crimes, they compromise the security systems put in place by big organizations to access their data then demand a ransom in exchange for their discretion. The hacker group made its debut in December 2021 after getting into an altercation with Brazil’s Ministry of Health.

Unlike most hackers who choose to remain anonymous, Lapsus$ does not shy away from the public. There are some instances where they have even made posts on social media platforms taking credit for attacks they have made. For instance, the most recent hits that they have allegedly made on Microsoft, Samsung, and Ubisoft.

Previously, we have seen them offer job opportunities and even handouts to employees linked to their target organizations. A blatant attempt to compromise the integrity of the employees will help them gain access to classified information. Lapsus$ releases this information if the affected organization does not meet its demands, as is the case when they released 37GB of Microsoft’s source code when the ransom was not paid.

As such, a couple of cybersecurity researchers have been investigating the recent attacks made by the hacker group, which lead them to a 16-year-old living in Oxford, England. Experts believe that the teenager is the master mind behind these hits, according to a blog post made on Bloomberg.

However, the researchers are yet to decipher the hackers’ true motivation behind the numerous attacks made. “The motivation behind the attacks is still unclear, but some cybersecurity researchers say they believe the group is motivated by money and notoriety.” Based on the information gathered by the researchers, the teen is suspected to be behind most of the hits carried out by Lapsus$. However, they do not have conclusive evidence to tie him to all the attacks. The teen’s identity remains undisclosed as authorities are yet to build a concrete case.

The investigators also place another member of the hacker group in Brazil, on top of them finding “even unique accounts associated with the hacking group, indicating that there are likely others involved in the group’s operations.”

Authorities in the City of London have been able to make a couple of arrests in relation to the recent hacking attacks. Seven arrests have been made so far of individuals whose age ranges between 16 and 21. “Our inquiries remain ongoing,” said Detective Inspector Michael O’Sullivan. (via TechCrunch)

However, it is not yet clear whether the 16-year-old said to be the mastermind behind the hits was among the individuals arrested.

Earlier this week, Microsoft also came out to confirm that indeed the hackers had compromised their systems, however, they only managed to access one account which was recovered shortly after by the cybersecurity team. They assured users that their information was safe and that they had elaborate measures in place that will aid in preventing such an occurrence in the future.