TeamViewer is now a Universal Windows 10 app

Staff Writer

TeamViewer, a program that allows users to connect to a PC remotely, gets the Windows 10 Universal app treatment today. With many other popular apps such as Reddit, Todoist, and even Pandora releasing redesigned apps tailored for use on any screen whether it be a desktop PC, a Windows tablet, or a mobile phone, it appears developers are finding value in creating Universal Windows 10 apps.
The TeamViewer webpage does not include a specific change log, however, it does boast up to 15 times faster perfamance while users are able to remotely control either a Windows PC, a Mac, or Linux computer. This program is able to control a single desktop computer from any mobile device with a simple interface that requires very little setup. TeamViewer supports both 256-bit AES and 2048-bit RSA keys for security and is free to use for noncommercial customers.
As the list of Universal Windows 10 apps continue to grow, which programs are you still waiting to receive a Windows 10 makeover? Let us know in the comments below.

TeamViewer: Remote Control
TeamViewer: Remote Control
Developer: TeamViewer
Price: Free