Next month, Microsoft Teams will be able to automatically remove background noise during video meetings

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft will soon be delivering a new tool for automatically filtering out background noise during Microsoft Teams meetings. As spotted by Windows Latest, the Microsoft 365 Roadmap entry suggests that the feature will start rolling out to all Microsoft Teams users in November.

As a reminder, the noise-suppression isn’t something new, as it has already been in Microsoft Teams. In April, the company announced that it’s working on an improved AI-based noise suppression feature that will be even better than the current algorithm at removing background noise.

The new real-time noise suppression feature in Teams builds on top of the existing noise suppression feature, and it has been designed to address background sounds that make business communication less effective. The feature leverages supervised learning for eliminating background noise (such as keyboard typing noise, the rustling of a bag of chips, and more) from Teams meetings.

“AI-based noise suppression works by analyzing an individual’s audio feed and using specially trained deep neural networks to filter out the noise and retain only the speech signal. This is an update to the existing noise suppression. Users will now have control over how much noise suppression they want. The “High” setting is new and will suppress more background noise,” the company explained.

Microsoft says that users will be able to easily switch on/off this setting from their Settings menu under devices. According to the roadmap, the capability is supposed to come to the Windows desktop at launch, and it remains to be seen when Microsoft plans to bring this functionality to iOS and Android clients.