Team management tool Monitae makes its Universal Windows app debut

Kareem Anderson

App developers Monitae have recently published a new Universal Windows app targeting businesses seeking flexible ways to manage and communicate goals within a team oriented environment. Beyond the ability to target several platforms and screens, the team management app uses Universal Windows app development to feature-pack its offering.

Described by the developers:

“A flexible, and visual way to underpin your growth strategy by assessing, aligning, and developing talent in your top teams.”

The new app can be found in both the consumer and business versions of the Windows Store and boasts some nifty use cases for either:

  • Successful Team Performance Management application.
  • Setting organizational business goals and objectives.
  • Improve employee recognition, collaboration, and engagement.
  • Enhance visibility, performance, and progress.
  • Crowdsourcing innovation: uncover new ideas, solve problems faster.
  • Share internal best practices.

Monitae also works to reduce the drudgery that is emailing threads with out-date-goal assessments and spreadsheets sorely in need of real-time or a close to real-time updating.

For small to medium sized businesses, Monitae is offering a solution that is not only flexible in its presence on mobile and PCs, but a feature-pack solution for expediting performance goals. Monitaes clean and metric-centric design and display should make it easy for all employees and management teams to see achievements and growth.

Unlike the initial batch of Windows 8 and 8.1 apps, it seems the Universal Windows development platform is offering developers a chance to maintain relatively full featured apps. Hopefully, the trend continues.

Price: Free