Tapatalk for Windows Phone updated with page2page navigation and several bug fixes

Hammad Saleem


If you’re a regular user of Tapatalk for Windows Phone, you’ll be glad to know the application received a new update, bumping it to version 1.0.6 and introducing several new features and bug fixes to the service.

To refresh your memory, Tapatalk is a very handy application that lets users stay updated with their favorite internet communities. “Discover great internet communities or stay connected with your favourites community on-the-go with this award-winning mobile app, now for Windows Phone. Tapatalk is the only mobile app combing over 60,000+ internet communities with a streamlined mobile experience, allowing you to share and follow thoughts and opinions to all your communities within a single app,” the app description reads.

The latest Tapatalk update comes with several new features, including support for Hebrew and Czech translation, ability to log in to the application with your Facebook account, upload images to Tapatalk image servers, along with a bunch of bug fixes to improve the overall usability of the application. Tapatalk 1.0.6 also removed the pivot navigation system and introduced page2page navigation to improve the speed and stability of the app.

Here’s the complete change log of Tapatalk version

  • Changed pivot navigation to page2page.
  • Fix: translation issues.
  • Fix: some forums does not log in correctly and images does not show.
  • Fix: crash on forums reported by users.
  • Fix: rewritten post viewer, improving memory usage. We hope not more “crash to desktop” issues.
  • Added Czech translation
  • Added Hebrew translation
  • Added: Upload images to Tapatalk image server as inline images in posts.
  • Added log in / sign up to Tapatalk account with Facebook

If you’re a regular user of Tapatalk, head over to the Windows Phone Store to download the application — it’s free.