Take a look at everything Microsoft is doing to keep you safe from cybercrime

Arif Bacchus

Security and privacy breaches are one of the biggest issues facing businesses today, and they are no longer just IT issues. Taken together, these incidents cost over $450 Billion a year and affect over 12 people online every second. Thankfully, Microsoft is working to keep you safe from such cybercrimes, and they’ve published a site letting you know more about how they’re doing it.

Through their Digital Crimes Unit, Microsoft is aiming to make the Internet safer for every person and organization on the planet. The approach is to use the latest analytics technology to disrupt cybercrime, with teams of attorneys, investigators, forensic analysts and engineers all working together.


The power of the Microsoft cloud is used in the process to visualize information and track down criminals.  A process that used to take days to run is now shown in real time, and built back into the cloud.

Microsoft Cloud technology goes beyond your OneDrive account. It is also used to empower business in other awesome ways. It was used to help Real Madrid open a stadium, it powers weather forecasts, and even is used in laboratory science in order to accelerate cancer research. Applying the cloud to fighting cybercrime is as least as worthy an application.