Take control of your sales process with Windows 10 Mobile Salesforce app and Continuum

Hammad Saleem


Continuum is one of the most promising features found in Windows 10 Mobile. With Continuum, users can connect their Windows 10 Mobile handset to a external monitor, keyboard and a mouse using the Display Dock — an added accessory available at an additional cost. This makes it more like a full-fledged PC so you can continue with your tasks with your mobile device.

Salesforce, a CRM (customer relationship management) service, has released the Salesforce1 Mobile app to ease the process of tracking their data in real-time using their mobile devices. Users with the app can simply run the app on their smartphones and get the necessary data stored in the cloud.


The app takes it a step ahead with Salesforce Lightning for Continuum. As the name suggests, users can hook their smartphones to an external display and view the data as if they are on a desktop PC. The company showcased this new feature at the launch event in San Francisco where Salesforce Lightning for Continuum was seen running on a Windows 10 Mobile powered Lumia 950 smartphone.

Once connected to Continuum, the Salesforce1 Mobile App transforms into the Salesforce Lightning desktop experience, empowering users to manage opportunities. And with customization features, you can make your Salesforce work the way you want it to.

The new Salesforce Lightning for Continuum is the latest integration between Salesforce and Microsoft designed to empower joint customers to achieve more, from anywhere.

Users interested in the app can head over to Salesforce website from their Windows 10 Mobile handset, and log in to download.

Unfortunately, Continuum doesn’t work on every Windows 10 Mobile out there. It requires compatible hardware, and works on Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and Acer Jade Primo at the moment. We’re hoping to see more Windows 10 Mobile devices which will be compatible with this new feature, including the long rumored Surface Phone.