Take a trip through Windows Phone history with this video

Arif Bacchus

Photo of Windows phones lined up in a Microsoft store

Microsoft has not been saying much about the future of Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile, so what better way to reflect on the status of the platform than to look at how far it has come? Despite what the some may say, just like Android and iOS devices, Microsoft’s mobile platform has certainly evolved a bit over the last 20 or so years. So, sit back, and enjoy this trip through Windows Phone history.

The quick 1 minute and 34-second slideshow video takes you through all of Microsoft’s mobile operating systems, from Windows CE Mobile in 1990 to Windows 10 Mobile today. It also offers a glimpse of how the devices themselves have physically evolved, going from PDAs to Palm PCs to phones with slide out keyboards, and finally the much more modern all touch screen devices.

To be fair, there are plenty of these evolution videos on YouTube, and some highlight other Microsoft related things like the Xbox 360 dashboard, the Xbox controller, and even Windows sounds. Not all are evolution videos are worth mentioning, but Windows Phone will always be close to the hearts of many Microsoft fans, so let us know your favorite moment from Windows Phone history in the comments section below!