Syncsort Extends Data Integration Acceleration Leadership with DMExpress 6.5


Product Enhancements and Ecosystem Expansion Help Organisations Address Performance Bottlenecks in Their Existing Data Integration Environments to Unlock Greater Value from Data, Transform Decision Making and Dramatically Improve Business Results

TDWI 2010 Europe, AMSTERDAM, – November 16, 2010

News Facts

– Syncsort, a global leader in extreme performance data integration and data protection software, today announced that the next major release of DMExpress features advanced functionality that significantly enhances the company’s unique position and leadership in delivering world-class data integration acceleration to the market.
– Performance bottlenecks occur within even the most carefully planned and well executed data integration environments. Traditional approaches such as adding software licenses and hardware or relying on custom programming techniques have proven ineffective and costly.
– DMExpress 6.5, which will be generally available by the end of 2010, is optimised to deliver extreme performance within existing data integration environments. It enables customers to eliminate bottlenecks in a cost-effective and scalable manner while protecting their existing technology investments.
– The new release builds on DMExpress’ world-record setting* data integration acceleration performance, offering performance benefits of 30 percent for numerous types of aggregations and up to 50 percent when using parallel target compression support.
– DMExpress delivers valuable time savings through 5x reductions in elapsed processing time, enabling organisations to reallocate resources to higher-value initiatives that generate additional revenue and bolster overall competitiveness.
– The solution also enables customers to achieve significant cost savings that impact bottom line results by reducing their hardware footprint and investment by up to 95 percent in certain cases.
– Unlike other data integration products, DMExpress offers completely automated optimisation and parallelism that do not require tuning. This provides customers with tremendous labour savings since it enables deployments to be completed in weeks instead of months and allows users to be fully functional in just days.

“Snap” Data Integration Acceleration and Faster Time to Value

– Metadata Interchange – Advanced metadata interchange functionality in the new release makes it simple to export jobs from existing data integration environments and “snap” them into DMExpress to accelerate performance. Metadata can be easily exported back into the enterprise lineage system for end-to-end data flow visibility. This is particularly powerful for meeting regulatory compliance, auditing, and reporting.
– Extreme Lookup with “Push Down” Capabilities – Efficiently looking up values within a reference source is a key requirement for any data integration environment. DMExpress 6.5 addresses this with extreme lookup capabilities that provide unparalleled speed. It also provides new “push down” capabilities, allowing customers to automatically “push” lookup operations into the database.
– Teradata Parallel Transporter Support – DMExpress already features comprehensive load and unload support using the Teradata Tools & Utilities. DMExpress 6.5 extends the load support to include the Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT), further improving performance and parallelism.
– Job/Task “Diff” – The “Diff” feature enables customers to save significant time and reduce potential errors by automatically reporting differences between development, test and production environments in the context of a job and task.
– Expression Builder – Enhancements in DMExpress 6.5 improve usability and productivity, making it easier to automatically maintain the formatting of expressions after the initial editing and every time the expression is opened and saved.

Expanded Ecosystem Value

– Data Integration Acceleration Center of Excellence – In conjunction with the release of DMExpress 6.5, Syncsort and Cognizant are collaborating on a Data Integration Acceleration Center of Excellence that will combine Cognizant’s proprietary best practices and frameworks with Syncsort’s DMExpress portfolio to deliver unprecedented value to customers.
– Comprehensive eLearning Program – Syncsort is also introducing a comprehensive eLearning portal as a part of the Syncsort Partner Portal that will provide world-class, web-based training and support materials for the DMExpress partner ecosystem.
– Chinese Language Support – Syncsort now brings the power of data integration acceleration to Chinese users for the first time with a fully translated version of DMExpress.

Supporting Quotes

– “With DMExpress, we meet our service level agreements, capitalise on revenue opportunities, and deploy projects in hours or days that used to take weeks or even months,” said Kevin Hagedorn, Chief Data Architect, Merkle. “We see tremendous value in the enhancements in DMExpress 6.5 and expect them to make it significantly easier for us to accelerate performance in our existing environment.”
– “Our Benchmark Research shows that faster decision making is one of the top three drivers in Information Management initiatives,” said David Menninger, VP & Research Director, Ventana Research. “With the release of DMExpress 6.5, Syncsort continues to focus on its core differentiators and strengths of performance and resource efficiency to help organisations accelerate their data integration tasks in the face of exploding data volumes and shrinking processing windows.”
– “Syncsort’s data integration acceleration approach is designed to offer customers a high performance, resource-efficient option for eliminating bottlenecks in their existing environments that can impede business-critical decision making,” said Lyndsay Wise, President and Founder, Wise Analytics. “The enhancements in DMExpress 6.5, including metadata interchange, and focus on ecosystem expansion are intended to provide customers with even greater benefits as well as help make data integration acceleration a more widely recognised approach in the marketplace.”
– “Despite spending millions of dollars procuring, implementing and maintaining data integration platforms that perform critical processes, many organisations are plagued by performance bottlenecks in their existing environments caused by exploding data volumes and shrinking processing windows,” said Flavio Santoni, Chief Executive Officer, Syncsort. “Rather than throw more money at the problem by purchasing expensive hardware, a growing number of companies are discovering a smarter alternative with data integration acceleration. DMExpress 6.5 extends Syncsort’s leadership in data integration acceleration and makes it easier for organisations to rethink the economics of their data.”