SwiftKey on Android finally lets users remove the search bar with latest update

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard updated to Version today on Android devices. This latest update added the ability to use arrow keys in text fields, new improvements to the Arabic keyboard, and also finally integrated the option to remove (or add back) the search bar.

Here’s the official release notes:

  • Search is now a customisable toolbar icon. It can be moved and turned on/off
  • We’ve increased the font size used in Arabic layouts to make them easier to read
  • A new percent symbol has been added to our Arabic layouts
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Arabic 123 layout to crash when accessing numbers
  • Arrow keys will now work in keyboard text fields (Search, GIF and Translator)

In addition to this app update, SwiftKey has also received some rather significant speed boosts for Android devices. According to claims on the official SwiftKey blog, lag on SwiftKey for Android has been reduced by 50% and the keyboard is now 20% faster than its closest rivals.

Do you use SwiftKey on your Android smartphone or tablet? Let us know if you’ve noticed any speed improvements in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest for more tech content.

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
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