SwiftKey for iOS will let you ditch the Bing button too

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard app icon on iOS.

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Earlier this week, Microsoft released a new update for SwiftKey for Android that shipped with a new capability that lets users remove the Bing button from the toolbar if they have no use for it.

Now, the company has released a new update for iOS users that features the same capability. Microsoft’s AI incorporation into Swiftkey hasn’t been well received by multiple users. In fact, they’ve been very expressive highlighting their frustrations.

Microsoft placing the Bing button on the app’s toolbar in particular has raised a lot of concern among users per the reviews in the Play Store and App Store. But with this new update, users can now remove the Bing button from the toolbar by toggling off the Always Show Bing Hub Icon in the settings.

Aside from the capability to remove the Bing button from the toolbar, the update also features bug fixes and stability improvements alongside new settings for toolbar customization.

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‎Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
‎Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard