Swedish site claims Microsoft Surface RT tablet to cost $1000 (rumor)

Zac Bowden

The Microsoft Surface tablet isn’t set to launch for another few months, this doesn’t mean retailers can’t get ready to sell. A 3rd party retailer has leaked the prices of the Microsoft Surface, pricing the 32GB Surface RT at $1000 which is higher than the iPad.

If the prices are correct, then it is more than likely that the Surface isn’t going to sell well. If the RT tablet is priced at $1000, the Pro version must be way higher. This isn’t good for a tablet that’s going to run an operating system that is already being heavily criticized.

Pricing the device at $1000 puts it way higher than the highest spec iPad at $829, with the lowest being priced at around $499.

Microsoft should price the Surface RT tablet around 100 dollars lower than the iPad, which would put it at a great standing point for consumer tablets. Pricing the RT at $1000 isn’t going to make consumers look twice at the thing.

This is just a rumour, so the prices listed above could be false.