Swap your Surface Book base to upgrade your graphics card on the fly

Hammad Saleem

Surface Book

Earlier this month at a press event, Microsoft unveiled the revolutionary Surface Book, a high-end laptop to go one-on-one against Apple’s Macbook Pro. During the event, the company showcased several enticing features of the notebook: it’s detachable display, powerful hardware, Windows 10 and more. The notebook is available in a number of configurations, catering various price points.
However, Microsoft did not mention one feature which may turn out to be useful for several users: the ability to upgrade the device. How? Well, since it comes with a detachable keyboard base (which houses the GPU), it give users the ability to upgrade their GPU to boost the performance of the machine (via The Next Web). Replacing the base of the Surface Book with a high-end model with graphics card will enhance the performance and graphics of the machine. Microsoft confirmed this feature to The Next Web, even the folks at PC World managed to swap the base with a higher end model, and it worked like a charm.
There’s no word if Microsoft will sell separate bases for the Surface Book, but it appears to be a very interesting feature, and give Surface Book users a slightly cheaper way to upgrade their GPU.