Surface Studio version of “Pure Imagination” performed by Stephanie Tarling, not Fiona Apple

Mark Coppock

Okay, so, we were wrong. Fiona Apple did not perform the version of “Pure Imagination” used in the Surface Studio introduction vision. Apparently, Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay let it be known that, actually, up-and-coming actor and singer Stephanie Tarling is responsible for the hauntingly inspirational cover of the famous Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory tune.

Actor and musician Stephanie Tarling.

You can give the tune a listen on her site, where you can also download it for free. It’s just as good as we remember, and well worth a listen to evoke some of the magic of Microsoft’s Surface Studio introduction.

Thanks to WinBeta reader Marek for the tip. Let us know in the comments if you enjoy the tune as much as we do.