Surface Pro buyers can score a new device with $150 off at the Microsoft Store

Kareem Anderson

Earlier we reported on a sweet deal for a Surface Pro 4 that included a 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD on sale at Newegg for the low price of $639. With back-to-school underway for some regions, Microsoft appears to be doubling its efforts to get its Surface devices into more students hands.

Well, the Surface Pro 4 isn’t the only device seeing discounted prices today as a new deal for the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop cuts the cost of the devices by $150.

Over at the Microsoft Store online, students and faculty can snatch up a Surface Pro with Signature Type Cover or a Surface Laptop with $150 taken off their respective totals. While the Surface Laptop deal has been an ongoing gig since the device’s unveiling back in June, the Surface Pro has had discount offers off and on for the past three months.

The newest deal includes a $999 Surface Pro model equipped with 4GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, an Intel Core i5 processor chip and improved pen.  screen sensitivity, new signature, and latest Type Cover design.

For all of the above, a student, parent or employer are looking at a savings plan that would cost themselves upwards of $1,000 with tax.

Obviously, Microsoft would like to keep it growing money maker in your face so it’s bundling Office 365 with tiered prices such as:

  • Office 365 Personal (One-year) – $499.99
  • Office 365 Home (One year ) $79.99
  • Microsoft complete protection ($149)

The deal starts today and runs through the end of August. Perhaps the savings for these Surface devices are indirectly pointing to a flush of the channel while Microsoft preps for more of a rollout for its potentially newer devices such as a Surface Book refresh?