Some people are getting their Surface Pro 8 pre-orders early from Best Buy

Arif Bacchus

Both the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio are not due for release until October 5 (which is one day away at the time of this writing,) but some people were able to get their hands on the device early. That’s all thanks to Best Buy, which according to Redditors, might have released the device too soon.

Best Buy is apparently is allowing folks who pre-ordered the Surface Pro 8 with in-store pickup to grab the next-gen Microsoft device early. This has been confirmed in two different Reddit threads, one of which shows the back of the retail box, and the other showing the Surface Pro 8 out-of-box setup experience. Another Reddit user, however, notes that the Surface Laptop Studio is an exemption, as it was not available for pickup.

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If you pre-ordered through Best Buy with in-store pick-up, it might be worth a shot to check your email for an order pickup notice and see if you can get your device in the retail store today. The Surface Pro 8 also ships with Windows 11 pre-installed, and if you manage to get your hands on one before the intended October 5 launch date, you might end up getting an early preview of the final Windows 11 build.