Surface Pro 3 vanishes from Microsoft Store online listings

Arif Bacchus

A few weeks ago, Microsoft unsurprisingly pulled the Surface 3 from the Microsoft Store online in the United States. According to new reports, Microsoft is once again cleaning house of old listings and has removed the Surface Pro 3 from the online Microsoft Store (via Tech Radar.)

While the physical product pages dedicated to the Surface Pro 3 still stand in both the United States and the United Kingdom,  searches for “Surface Pro 3” in the online Microsoft Stores in the US, UK, and Australia yields no results. Additionally, the “buy now” buttons for the Surface Pro 3 on the dedicated product pages for both the US and UK Microsoft stores rather redirect prospective purchasers to the main Microsoft Web page.

The latest Latest AdDuplex report (examines devices running apps with AdDuplex ads) shows continued increasing 40.5% popularity of Surface Pro 4, and a 26.7% popularity of the Surface Pro 3, so Microsoft could possibly be phasing out the Surface Pro 3 for a newer device in the Surface family.  Though the Redmond giant has said nothing about discontinuing the Surface Pro 3, recent developments show that there could possibly be a Surface Pro 5 in the pipeline.