Surface Pro 3 update rolls out July 16th, set to fix WiFi connectivity issue


Surface Pro 3 update rolls out July 16th, set to fix WiFi connectivity issue

As we reported on July 8th, Microsoft is set to roll out an update to the Surface Pro 3 to address a WiFi connectivity issue. Microsoft rolled out several firmware updates for various models of the Surface tablet, and promised a subsequent update to address the plaguing WiFi issue that numerous Surface Pro 3 owners have been facing.

Microsoft is planning on rolling out the WiFi update on July 16th. “We will also issue an update on Wednesday, July 16, to further improve Wi-Fi connection and throughput scenarios,” the company explained during Patch Tuesday.

Surface Pro 3 has received a warm welcome from the tech community, but the tablet is not perfect. It comes with its own set of problems.  One problem faced by many Surface Pro 3 owners is the poor WiFi performance, especially for those who are using advanced WiFi 802.11ac standard. And this issue has also been affecting early adopters of the Surface Pro 3.

While it could be a driver issue, it seems there might be more to it. The WiFi connection drivers go missing when the tablet comes back from the low power state known as InstantGo. On battery power, users say the speeds go down to as low as 6Mbps, thus, affecting the browsing experience. 

Luckily, this issue is set to be fixed tomorrow when Microsoft rolls out a fix — at least, we hope the issue dies tomorrow. One issue that hasn’t died yet, is the WiFi connectivity issues on the Surface Pro 2, which have yet to be resolved. Have you experienced WiFi issues on your Surface Pro 3?