Surface Pro 3 goes against the Macbook Air in new ‘Winter Wonderland’ video advertisement


Surface Pro 3 goes against the iPad again in new 'Winter Wonderland' video advertisement

Microsoft has rolled out a new video advertisement promoting the Surface Pro 3 by adding a bit of holiday cheer to it. In the tune of ‘Winter Wonderland,’ the new video advertisement has the Surface Pro 3 up against the Macbook Air, showcasing why Microsoft’s offering is a better choice. 

“Both a tablet and a laptop in one device? Crazy. Well, not really. Surface Pro 3 is that and more. Pen, Kickstand, Adobe Photoshop, detachable Keyboard, Office and Windows. The list goes on. Surface Pro 3 – the tablet that can replace your laptop,” the video description reads. You can watch the embedded video below for your viewing pleasure.