Surface Pro 3 ditches Wacom for a better N-trig pen


Surface Pro 3 ditches Wacom for a better N-trig pen

Earlier today, Microsoft unveiled the brand new and larger 12-inch Surface Pro 3. This device packs a great deal of power, as well as a hefty price tag, but also comes with a new stylus pen. In fact, Microsoft kissed Wacom goodbye and welcomed N-trig to the game.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft has replaced the Wacom digitizer used in earlier Surface models with an N-trig stylus. This pen supports 256 points of pressure and there is reportedly no latency or parallax effects. In fact, when you are writing something on the Surface Pro 3, it will feel as if there were no distance between the tip of the pen and the screen surface. This means no delay and a natural ink experience.

This will especially come in handy when drawing on the Surface Pro 3 with the just-announced touch-friendly Photoshop CC, along with writing a note in OneNote. You can even click the top of the pen and immediately activate your Surface Pro 3 device and begin taking notes in OneNote. Double clicking the top of the pen captures a screenshot!

Adobe’s Michael Gough mentioned during the event that the optimized Photoshop CC for touch is expected to be “a creative’s dream come true.” The same can be said about the new N-trig pen.

The pen runs for $49.99 USD (the Surface Pro 3 comes with one pen already), and you can snag the pen in a silver color. The pen utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 and is 135mm x 9.5mm diameter.

Founded in 1999, N-trig’s technology is the industry’s only combined active pen and touch solution available today. The company’s solutions support the latest Windows and Android operating systems – allowing OEMs to develop slim pen and touch-enabled mobile devices using only a single sensor.