Surface Mini to be 8-inch, ARM-based, Windows 8.1 RT device


Surface Mini to be 8-inch, ARM-based, Windows 8.1 RT device

Judging from the reaction to yesterday’s news about the upcoming Microsoft event in NYC , you’re all pretty excited at the prospect of the Surface Mini. It’s a device that Microsoft has been pretty tight-lipped about so far, but a few details are starting to slip out here and there.

The press invite that has been sent out gave away very little. Nothing in fact — but that does not stop news from travelling through the grapevine. Paul Thurrott goes as far as saying that the Mini announcement is a certainty — “the firm will finally launch its delayed Surface mini”. He also goes further than this; there is the possibility of a Steve Jobs-style “one more thing”: “I’m told we might also see another surprise at the event.”

Could this be the Surface Phone that some people have been talking about or a Surface 3? There’s less than a fortnight until we find out.

As for the Surface Mini, it seems as though note-taking will be at the heart of the device as OneNote is going to be integrated, and a stylus provided. The kickstand that make the Surface stand out from the crowd is not expected to make its way to the Mini in its current form. While the device itself may not have a kickstand, it will be built into detachable cover.

It is expected that Satya Nadella will lead the event and that the Surface Mini will be available to buy by the end of June.