Trying to get a Surface Duo 2 for the new year? It’s probably out of stock

Kevin Okemwa

Surface Duo 2

If you recently tried to purchase the Surface Duo 2 from the Microsoft Store, your efforts might have been rendered fruitless. This is because it seems that the entry has been out of stock for the past couple of weeks in several markets.

According to forum discussions on Reddit, a user tried sending back the device to Microsoft for a replacement but was instead given a refund. This could be an indication that indeed the device is out of stock hence Microsoft giving the user a refund.

Another user also sent their Surface Duo 2 back to the company but hasn’t received a refund or replacement, only an email highlighting that there is a delay and that it is working towards resolving the issue.

“We continue to anticipate a longer than normal fulfillment time for your service order, as a result, you may experience a delay. You will receive a notification to inform you of any updates. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience,” says Microsoft.

This won’t be the first time that the entry ran out of stock, this was the case last year sometime in September. The shortage in turn prompted some local stores to close down their dedicated Surface Duo 2 stations.

Microsoft further indicated that:

We are aware supply is currently falling short of demand in several markets. While we do not have inventory information to share at present, Surface Duo remains an important part of the Surface portfolio.

The company had previously indicated that the shortage of components was the main reason why the entry is in and out of stock. Windows Central’s Zac Bowden believes that the company has or is closely edging towards the end of production for the unit, though Microsoft is yet to confirm the same.

Microsoft did highlight that it is still committed to the Android hardware business. What’s more, a reliable source that’s close to Microsoft told Windows Central that the production of a “third generation” Surface Android phone is underway. Perhaps, this is why Microsoft is working on launching an Insider program dedicated to Surface Duo users.

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via: Windows Central