Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 are now Siemens Solid Edge certified

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has announced today that its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have been certified by Siemens for use with Solid Edge, one of the world’s leading CAD programs. Microsoft’s latest premium devices received this certification after being submitted to a rigorous testing process to ensure that Solid Edge runs optimally on them. Siemens PLM Software SVP Mainstream Engineering John Miller added that “Surface is the fastest-growing mobile device platform with our Solid Edge user base for 3D CAD.”

Microsoft also used this opportunity to share an interesting Surface Pro 4 use case through the work of Phillip Norman, an artist and self-taught engineer using a Surface Pro 4 to run his robotics company called Ross Robotics. According to him, the Surface’s portability and power have changed the way he works:

“Just being able to take my work with me anywhere—any sort of work, even amazingly, CAD—shows the Surface is a powerful workstation, as slim and neat as a small pad of paper, and exponentially more adaptable. The Surface is very smart, slick, light and powerful and sends out positive messages about design, technology and high-quality manufacturing, which reflect flatteringly on the person using it.”

This new certification is another example that the Surface Pro 4 fully-embodies its “Pro” moniker.” By slowly iterating over the years, Microsoft has been able to manufacture a lighter and versatile device that will soon become even more powerful for creative professionals thanks to the new features coming in the Windows 10 Anniversary update, such as Windows Ink. Surface Product Marketing Manager Matt Chapman concluded:

When we designed Surface, we imagined creating devices that would allow people to do their work from anywhere, no matter how demanding the software. Engineers use some of the most intensive and complex programs on the market and the combination of software and hardware is critical to their work. And with Surface’s certification on Siemens Solid Edge, we’re excited for what’s to come.

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