Surface Book 1TB SSD option starts at $3,199, no ETA yet

Mark Coppock

Walking through the questionnaire at Microsoft’s “Help me choose” Surface microsite can result in the recommendation of a Surface Book with a 1TB SSD. There’s no real magic here: just select “1TB” next to the “How much storage do you think you’ll need built-in to your device” question along with enough higher-end requirements, and voila!

Surface questionnaire: storage needs.
Surface questionnaire: storage needs.

The thing is; you can’t yet order such a Surface Book. Your current options are limited to a 512GB option.
Surface Book preorder options.
Surface Book preorder options.

A quick chat with the Microsoft Store reveals that a 1TB option is indeed planned, but there’s still no ETA.

You: I went through the questionnaire, and it recommended a 1TB version of the Surface Book. However, I don’t see that listed on the Surface Book preorder page.
You: Can you clarify if the Surface Book is or will be available with a 1TB SSD option?
LaTonya S: We do not have the 1TB option on our site, I’m afraid. We were not given information about when it would be available.
You: But do you have information that it will be an option eventually?
LaTonya S: I am showing that it is an option. So it would be available eventually.
You: Excellent, thanks so much.

The moral of the story is: if you need the ultimate in storage in your Surface Book, you’ll want to wait a little while before pressing that preorder button. We’ll report back as soon as we receive word that you can get the full 1TB of ultra-fast PCI Express SSD storage.
Updated: It looks like more info is leaking regarding the pricing of the potential i7, 1TB storage, 16GB, dGPU. For anyone looking for a beefy Surface Book get ready to shell out over $3,000.
Thanks to WinBeta reader Ethan for the tip!