Start11 comes out of beta and will give you more ways to customize Windows 11

Arif Bacchus

The folks at Stardock have finally dropped the beta tag on Start11. After several release candidates, Start11 is now official, with the same goal of giving Windows users more ways to customize Windows 11 and/or Windows 10 in ways that Microsoft won’t let you.

Compared to the past few beta versions, there should be some big notable features in this release. For Windows 10 users, that includes the ability to center the Start Menu to replicate the Windows 11 experience. Other big features in the release include the ability to pin files, folders, and drives to the Start Menu, and hide the search bar in Start11’s Windows 11 style menu. You can see a preview of what to expect in the video below.

There are even some features in Start11 that bring back what Microsoft took away in Windows 11. This includes the ability to enable a full-screen Windows 10 style Start Menu, and change Windows 10 style menu tile colors to replicate Live Tiles. “We make it easy for users to customize nearly every detail of their PC experience, including being able to choose from several new Start menu layouts and repositioning the taskbar, among many other things,” said Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO.

You can buy Start11 for $6.00 over on If you’ve previously been using Start8 or Start10, there’s also an upgrade option. Note that Start11 is included in the Object Desktop suite. Start11 also integrates with Stardock’s Fences app.

We’ll also be talking about Start11 on this week’s OnPodcast, and giving away three codes to our fans. So, be sure to tune in to learn more on how you can win your own Start11 code!