Start Menu Reviver claims to be a ‘truly touchscreen-friendly’ Start menu for Windows 8


Start Menu Reviver

There are several choices out there for those who wish to bring back the Start button/menu for Windows 8, even though it is rumored that Microsoft will be bringint it back with the upcoming Windows 8.1 update. However, if you don’t want to wait, check out this new utility.

Start Menu Reviver is a free utility that aims to bring back the Start menu for Windows 8, or even “enhance” the one on Windows 7. This utility features a modern interface, allowing you to access your shortcuts via “tiles” as well as pin applications to this new Start menu.

The folks over at Neowin learned about this new Start menu utility and found out that it allows you to launch both traditional desktop apps as well as modern apps. You can even launch websites via “link tiles”. The utility can also be themed if you so desire.

“Don’t just replace your Start Menu – revive it. Start Menu Reviver is designed for you, whether you just want a Start Menu back in Windows 8, or want to have more control in Windows 7. Start Menu Reviver is the only choice that brings back the familiarity you’re accustomed to and embraces the enhancements in the future of Windows,” the software developer states.

Hit the source link below to snag this utility for Windows 8.