Starfield’s thousand worlds will require 125GB of SSD storage to explore

Robert Collins

Given the sheer scope of Bethesda’s upcoming AAA RPG Starfield—which was shown off in great detail during Sunday’s Starfield Direct—it’s probably little surprise that the game’s technical requirements will be some of the most demanding yet seen on console.

Starfield will require at minimum 125GB of storage, and an SSD is required to run the game. Not that many games require SSD storage to play, but a few that do include Assassin’s Creed ValhallaBorderlands 3Gears 5, and No Man’s Sky.

But again, the SSD requirement should not be too surprising as Starfield will be massively open world. Or rather, open worlds…as in over a thousand of them! These worlds will be largely procedurally generated, and overall the game is bound to be a taxing one even on the powerful Xbox Series X console. Likely it is that consideration that led to the decision to cap the game at 30FPS to preserve smooth, consistent performance across the whole Starfield experience.

Fortunately, Starfield fans will have an added option when the Xbox Series S 1TB carbon black edition releases on September 1, just days ahead of the Starfield launch on September 6. The upgraded Series S is already available for pre-order at $349.99 over on