Starfield Collector’s Edition watch, controller and headset unveiled during Starfield Direct

Robert Collins

Starfield Watch Custom

Starfield fans have had quite a week already with the Starfield Direct streaming on Sunday (check out our full recap of the deep dive feature right here). The Starfield Direct delivered a ton of new gameplay footage and info for the highly anticipated action-RPG from Bethesda. It also ratcheted up the excitement for the game to 11, as was expected.

Starfield Constellation Explorer’s Watch

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What was less expected from fans was the unveil of not one, not two, but three pieces of Starfield hardware that will be up for grabs. The first of these is the Constellation Explorer’s Watch, from Chronomark. The watch is just like that from the game itself, which provides HUD information. The Android-based real-life version has smart capabilities and can be connected to user’s smartphones and can give them notifications and other info.

The watch's presentation case.

The watch comes with a rather swanky case which is “inspired by the cases that astronauts used during the Apollo era to bring back samples from the moon.”  Apparently this will only be available with the physical Constellation Edition of the game (which will also include Starfield’s first DLC), which currently does not have a price point over on the game’s preorder page on

Custom limited edition Starfield controller and headset

As with the watch, the limited edition custom Starfield Xbox controller was previously leaked online. The controller is currently available at $79.99 on the Xbox Store and other retailers. The headset is priced at $124.99.

The Starfield wireless Xbox headset.

As for the game itself, Starfield will release on September 6, and will be a day one Xbox Game Pass release.

Featured image via Kotaku.