Star Wars Battlefront II video game to get HUGE Clone Trooper revamp next week

Brad Stephenson

Star Wars Battlefront II video game on Xbox One

A Community Transmission dropped for players of the popular Star Wars Battlefront II video game today that detailed the Clone Trooper design changes being made in next week’s update. Turns out the changes are going to be significantly bigger than most players had expected.

In addition to refinements being made to the look of several legions (i.e. groups of Clone Troopers with a similar design theme), the basic white look will be unlocked on all maps and made the default appearance while the previous map-specific default appearances will be made available and given to players to play anywhere they like.

The Officer class will also gain completely new armoured appearances for every legion set and Phase I (Attack of the Clones) and Phase II (Revenge of the Sith) variants of legion appearances will be split up into their own sets so everyone can use the version they like on whichever map they like.

Here’s the official list of new Clone Trooper appearance sets that will be available after the update:

  • New Default “Shinies” (incl. Navigational Officer)
  • 501st Battalion
  • 327th Star Corps
  • 91st Recon Corps (w/ new helmet)
  • 104th Wolf Pack
  • 212th Attack Battalion
  • Coruscant Guard
  • 41st Elite Corps
  • 181st Armor Division
  • 87th Sentinel Corps
  • 41st Ranger Platoon

The 501st Battalion and Coruscant Guard appearances will be completely new to Battlefront II and are not updates to existing skins. Each set can be unlocked in-game for 60,000 credits (which can be earned by playing) or 1,500 crystals (the game currency that can be purchased with real-world cash).

To help new players who may not have enough credits, all Star Wars Battlefront II players will be given a Chosen One Crate which will contain the following:

  • 41st Ranger Platoon (Phase I and II)
  • All 4 Phase I Appearances for the 41st, 91st, 104th, 212th, and 327th Legion.
  • 60,000 credits

This update is currently planned to roll out to Xbox One consoles and other platforms on February 27th. The update is being referred to as The Chosen One Update as it will also add the Hero character of Anakin Skywalker. The last major update to Battlefront II added Count Dooku.

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