Star Wars Battlefront II video game revival petition passes 85,000 signature milestone

Brad Stephenson

Theed, Naboo in Star Wars Battlefront II video game on Xbox One.

Even though Star Wars: Squadrons was just announced this week, gamers still seem to be hankering for some new content for the popular Star Wars Battlefront II video game on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles and other platforms.

After the recent Scarif update was revealed to be the last major content update for Star Wars Battlefront II, a petition was started up with the aim of convincing EA to begin creating paid downloadable content for the title, something it hasn’t done.

The petition gathered a lot of attention very quickly with gamers and the media and now it’s passed 85,000 signatures.

It’s unclear how much affect this petition will have as pretty much everyone involved in Battlefront II has moved onto other Star Wars video games such as Squadrons. Still, it’s worth signing to at least let EA know that there’s interest in more Battlefront content.

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