Staples Connect app for Windows 8.1 makes home automation management a breeze


Staples Connect app for Windows 8.1 makes home automation management a breeze

Staples Connect, for those that did not know, is a home automation hub and kits provided by Staples. These products let you manage multiple devices such as lamps, TVs, and alarms using one central remote control or through an app on your smartphone or tablet. 

“Staples Connect Beta for Windows 8 lets you control lights, thermostats and more from all the brands of connected home products you trust. One app. One hub. The connected home made easy,” the app description reads. In case you were wondering “why?” Well, those with limited mobility can use their smartphone or tablet to turn the lights on or off in their home. They can even change the channel on their TV using their tablet device. 

This app for Windows 8.1 is simple and allows you to manage your Staples Connect device for powerful home automation. You can see and control all your connected devices via this app. You can even automate your home with Activities, and even monitor your home while using other apps with Snap view support.

“For some of the Staples Connect hub and kits, installation is as simple as plugging devices into a modified wall outlet. Others have simple-to-follow instructions for getting electronics and other gadgets to talk to the hub and each other. The kits will work with most major brands of electronics,” Staples stated.

You can head over to Staples Connect to check out the products that this app can utilize. Hit the download link below to snag the app for Windows 8.1.