SSX joins ever-growing list of Xbox One Backward Compatible titles

Michael Cottuli

xbox one

We’ve seen sort of a draught in the snowboarding game genre for a while, and it seems like someone in Microsoft decided that it was time to throw us a bone. While it’s not exactly a new release, the folks tuning up titles for Backward Compatibility are bringing out SSX onto the list of Backward Compatible titles today.

SSX is the 2012 reboot of the 2000 game of the same name, and marked the return of a beloved franchise when it hit store shelves. Featuring thrilling snowboarding gameplay with a bit of over-the-top action, SSX revolves around tossing the player into massive tracks in places like Antarctica and the Himalayas, focusing its gameplay on doing tricks to rack up points. If you’ve got a copy of SSX lying around or want to pick one up from a bargain bin, it’s well worth blowing the dust off and spending a night in the snow.