SQL Server 2016 sets benchmark world record for performance

Vu Anh Nguyen

A new post on Microsoft’s TechNet blog  is announcing new world records in performance achieved by the company’s SQL Server 2016 database software.

The world records were part of Lenovo’s testing of its own non-clustered systems for data warehousing, specifically the Lenovo System x3950 X6 and the Lenovo System 3850 X6, in May and June, respectively. With the same operating system, processors, database, and memory size as the previous number one result, but running SQL Server 2016, both systems achieved new record performance, and price/performance ratio. The x3950 X6, in particular, also benefits from Windows Server 2016’s new ability to support 12 TB of memory, as opposed to the former 4TB limit.


Not only for new systems, users of older SQL Server versions will also reportedly see great performance improvement when upgrading to the 2016 version, with solid numbers like 34x faster queries and seven to ten times faster on database maintenance. Speed is key in business transactions, and SQL Server 2016’s blazing performance should make it a fine choice for data-conscious business owners.