Spotify update brings new colour scheme, improved navigation and more

Jack Wilkinson

Spotify has released an update to its Windows Phone app for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. The update brings a whole set of new improvements and fixes, which are sure to improve your experience of listening and exploring music.

New pivot navigation
New pivot navigation

The changelog displayed on the Store doesn’t appear to reference the latest update, but here’s what we’ve seen as being updated:

  • Pivot navigation – a navigation bar is now displayed at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to quickly explore the Spotify app
  • Transition effects – several effects have now been implemented; as you switch between screens, menus and panels will now fade in-and-out
  • Colour scheme – the colour scheme has been adjusted slightly, leading to a better experience with the eyes
  • Improved settings screen – settings now load faster, are cleaner and display smooth effects
  • Song, album and playlist listing improvements – it appears that the slowness on Windows 10 Mobile devices has been fixed, with all these listings now loading quickly and being smooth as you scroll through the results
  • Skips the splash screen – from now on, if you’ve opened Spotify recently and go to resume it, it will no longer display the splash screen, instead it will go straight to what you were last viewing
  • Search – the search function has been revamped; displaying instant results, a dedicated search page and shows your history

Through our testing of the app, it is much faster, particularly on devices running Windows 10 Mobile. Everything is almost instant, from searching, to viewing playlists, to resuming the app. It seems that the company has really put the effort into optimising the app.

Developer: Spotify AB
Price: Free