Spotify desktop app shows up on the Windows Store, but you can’t download it yet

Laurent Giret

Windows 10 S, the new version of Windows 10 that is streamlined for security and performance has officially launched with Microsoft’s Surface Laptop last week. As you may know, this new Windows 10 SKU can only run Windows Store apps, and Microsoft hopes that it will encourage more developers to port their apps to the curated app store.

Back at Microsoft’s Education event in May, the company announced that Spotify would soon become available on the Windows Store, which is a pretty big deal for Windows 10 S users. Michael Passingham, Computing Editor at Trusted Reviews spotted earlier today that Microsoft is now promoting the desktop converted app on the new tab page of Microsoft Edge, but the app can’t be installed yet (via Windows Central).

Spotify is currently the most popular music streaming service on the market, with over 140 million monthly active users as of June 2017.  The desktop converted app is expected to run just like the standard Win32 app, including support for Windows’ native control options. According to the store listing, the app will require the Windows 10 Anniversary Update or higher, and we’ll let you know when it finally becomes available to download.

Spotify Music
Spotify Music
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