Spongebob, Street Power Soccer highlight March’s Games with Gold

Robert Collins

Xbox Live Gold

The Games with Gold lineup for March is looking pretty good, with Street Power Soccer and SpongeBob’s Truth or Square being the highlights.

The two games that will be available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers for free download beginning on March 1st are The Flame in the Flood, which will be available all month long, and backwards compatible Xbox 360 title Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, which is available through the 15th.

The Flame in the Flood is a survival adventure game that puts players in the role of a young girl named Scout who, along with her dog, traverses a dangerous post-deluge American landscape. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is an isometric action rpg in the vein of the Diablo and Baldur’s Gate titles.

Street Power Soccer. Image courtesy of uk.gamesplanet.com

For the latter part of the month, Street Power Soccer and SpongeBob’s Truth or Square will be on offer till the 31st, and the former all the up to April 15th, so there will be little reason to miss out on that one for Xbox One and Series X/S owners. It ratchets the game up a notch or three with the introduction of insane superpowers that add a bit of flair to the action sports gameplay, to say the least.

The backwards compatible Xbox 360 version of SpongeBob’s Truth or Square follows the iconic toon as he endeavors to retrieve the Krabby Patty formula, which he has lost. To do this he must relive his happiest memories via Plankton’s memory machine.

Games with Gold brings four games each and every month (two specifically for Xbox One and Series X/S, and two backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles) to Xbox Live Gold members, and is one of the services’ nicest perks.