Spanish mobile operator MoviStar says Windows 10 Mobile update coming in late January 2016

Mark Coppock

Microsoft hopes that Windows 10 Mobile will replace Windows Phone sooner rather than later. In many cases, the migration depends on the carriers–Microsoft is making efforts to push updates without carrier involvement, but it’s likely going to take a while before an entire mobile OS upgrade bypasses the carriers. At least one mobile operator, however, Spain’s MoviStar, may be playing ball, telling WinBeta reader Antonio that Windows 10 Mobile could come as soon as next January.
The info came by way of Twitter:

Translated for our English-speaking readers, that goes something like:

Hello Antonio. After performing the query confirm us is scheduled to be released at the end of January 2016. Best regards.

We hope that MoviStar is on the up-and-up here and can live up to this prediction, because the more devices that run Windows 10 Mobile, the more developers will have incentive to push out Universal Windows apps. We don’t know how many Windows phone are running on MoviStar, but the old adage applies here: every bit helps.
Thanks for the tip, Antonio!