Sony to share more about PlayStation 5 specs during online event tomorrow

Laurent Giret

It’s been quite a while since Sony last discussed its upcoming PlayStation 5 console, but Microsoft sharing all the details about Xbox Series X yesterday may have pushed the Japanese company to fight back. Indeed, the company has just announced a special event tomorrow, March 18, where PlayStation 5 lead system architect Mark Cerny will provide a “deep dive” into the console’s specs.

So far, Microsoft used its own Xbox Wire website to share information about Xbox Series X, but this week the company also gave Digital Foundry’s an exclusive look at the new console. Sony will do things a bit differently with a livestream on the PlayStation blog, and today’s teaser is a great way to make everyone forget about yesterday’s Xbox Series X news.

Sony did talk multiple times about its PlayStation 5 last year, and we already know that it will feature an AMD eight-core Ryzen processor with a Navi-based GPU, as well as a next-gen SSD that will significantly decrease loading times. Just like Xbox Series X, the console will also support hardware-accelerated ray tracing and 3D audio, and the PlayStation 5 controllers will also come with USB-C ports in addition to new haptic feedback capabilities and adaptive triggers.

The conversation about next-gen consoles is finally heating up this week, and the good thing is that Microsoft is not done talking yet. Indeed, the Redmond giant is about to kick off its Gamestack Live online event today in replacement for the postponed GDC, and tomorrow two separate sessions will focus on Xbox Series X, Project xCloud, and DirectX Raytracing. The event will kick off at 10am PDT this morning and all sessions will be streamed on Mixer.