Small and medium-sized businesses can now get Office 365 via Comcast’s Cloud Marketplace

Michael Cottuli

While Office 365 is great when presented on its own through Microsoft’s channels, it’s something that’s so universally important that it should be shown off in other marketplaces as well. This broadening of Office’s horizons is happening right now through the means of Comcast Business, which is now selling Office 365 through its Cloud Marketplace. The marketplace, previously known as Upware, specializes in selling software aimed at small business owners.

There isn’t all that much being added to the package here, so what you see is what you get. The advantage to getting Office through Comcast is mostly the access to Comcast’s team of agents that are there to help your small business integrate Office 365 into daily operations. While Microsoft has some similar services that can take care of customers that decide to stick to the Microsoft marketplace, it’s definitely helpful that third party vendors are insistent on keeping that same standard of quality.

Ultimately, the addition of Office 365 to Comcast Business’ selection of software is just another great choice for small business owners to look at when they’re trying to figure out how to best optimize their workflow. While the sale of Office 365 through Comcast doesn’t necessarily add anything to Office for people who are already Microsoft users, it will definitely be giving the package more visibility to the small business owners who may not have gotten their hands on it otherwise.