Slack (Beta) for Windows Phone appears in the Store for select testers


Slack is a popular team collaboration app available on pretty much every platform except Windows Phone and Windows (unless you count the desktop application for Windows). For months, we have been given hints about the possibility of a Windows app. Just recently, we were teased with an official image of the Slack app for Windows Phone (see image above), giving everyone hope that an official app would soon be on its way. Now, it appears that the official Slack Beta app for Windows Phone is already in the Store for select testers.
No word yet on when the Beta app will be opened up to public testing, or when the app will be officially released, but you can head over here to sign up for the Beta program. The app is mostly known for its group chat capabilities typically used by large teams (like news sites) but also allows for the transfer of files between participants and automatic syncing between devices. Slack can also connect to services like Twitter, Dropbox and Reddit (among others) to increase productivity by removing the need to manually switch apps to complete different tasks.
The average Windows Phone user probably doesn’t care too much about the official Slack app for Microsoft’s mobile platform, but those who collaborate with large teams (like news sites, or organizations) can easily do so with Slack. There are quite a number of collaboration tools out there, but by far Slack is one of the most popular — making this app something to look forward to!
Thanks for the tip, Frank!

Slack (Beta) in the Windows Phone Store
Slack (Beta) in the Windows Phone Store